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AN WORKSHOP is a design startup, mainly focused on architecture, interior and graphic design based in Eindhoven and operating internationally. AN WORKSHOP started from the need to express ourselves. We do not like to see design as a is something we love doing...We are not killers...we do not kill everything or design everything...we can, but we choose to not do it...We want to challenge ourselves in creating things we like... for people we like...and with collaborators we like. Because we do not like just to do things...we like to devote ourselves to what we do!

AN WORKSHOP was created by the wish to turn our "AN" or "IF" we could work the way we love to a "DO"...Let us do it!

Our goal is to enhance the way in which people interact with the spaces they spend their time in and offer them unique branding experiences. We like questioning ourselves in order to re-invent the principles of design. We do not like building or just creating prints and websites… we like shaping dreams... we like stimulating emotions…

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AN WORKSHOP  was founded by architect Anna Zora, who has obtained considerable international experience close to Studio FUKSAS (as Project Manager), KLING CONSULT (as Senior Architect), DIARHON S.A. (as Project Leader) etc. During her tenure as Project Manager at Studio FUKSAS, A.Z. was responsible for the Reconfiguration of “MyZeil” Shopping Mall in Frankfurt, the renovation of two Shopping Malls in Jakarta, numerous international competitions of airports, residential towers etc. During her tenure as Senior Architect at KLING CONSULT, A.Z.  has worked on the final stages of Lusail Katara 5* and 6* Hotel Towers in Doha and as a Project Leader at DIARHON S.A. she was responsible for the detail design and construction drawings of the Athens Mega Mooring. During the last years she is working as a Senior Project Manager at PARTHOS B.V. in The Netherlands. 

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